Before You Start

You will need to install and set up Modmail first. Follow through my interactive tutorial:

The default bot prefix is ?. Don’t forget to finish the setup through ?setup in your general channel.

Here is a video demonstration of all available Modmail commands:

Creating a Modmail Thread

There are few ways to start a Modmail conversation thread:

  1. The user can DM (direct message) your Modmail bot (member -> moderator).

    DM Message
  2. The moderator can use ?contact @user to contact a member through your Modmail bot (moderator -> member).

    Contact Command
  3. The moderator can also specify a category for where the Modmail thread to be created in, with the use of ?contact category-name @user (moderator -> member).

    Contact With Category

A private channel within the server under the Modmail category will be automatically created with the member’s name and discriminator (username#1234).

Private Channel

Sending / Replying Messages

There are two options to send or reply to a member within a conversation thread:

  1. Regular messages:

    • Within the thread channel (ie. username#1234), type ?reply Here is a message.
  2. Anonymous messages:

    • Within the thread channel (ie. username#1234), type ?anonreply Here is an anonymous message.

Regular messages shows the name of the moderator that sent the message, anonymous messages does not.

All message types (texts, images, links, files) are supported by Modmail.

Closing a Modmail Thread

Within the Modmail conversation thread with the member, use ?close to close the thread. A message will be sent to the member.

Closed message

You can also specify a scheduled time and/or a custom message for closing a Modmail conversation thread.